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Matthias Bank: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Matthias Bank

Matthias Bank, Media & Outreach Director

Matthias Bank is the primary person responsible for media, graphics, digital communications at the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, along with overseeing the outreach strategy.

During his 30 years experience in marketing and media, Bank has gathered over 200 film, television and video credits as Producer, Director, Cameraman and Assistant Cameraman, in addition to serving as the Director of Photography or Camera Operator for more than 50 live concert events.  His documentaries have received several prestigious European awards. He has also shot interviews with many luminaries in music, business, sports, and politics, including Dr. Alban, Franz Beckenbauer, Ed Begley Jr., Elvis Costello, Roy Disney, Gloria Gaynor, Gilles Hennessy (MOET & Hennessy), Jewgenij Kissin, Yehudi Menuhin, Elon Musk, Gary Player, Iggy Pop, MDP Dr. Hermann Scheer, Vladimir Spivakov, Robert Trent Jones Jr., and Robert Trent Jones.

Throughout this time, he was involved in an extensive renewable energy project list. In his native Freiburg, Germany, he helped found Initiative Shau_ins_land in 1989, an innovative non-profit education program that has taught thousands of students about renewable resources. He also created the world's first large sun and wind powered music festival (ZMF "Sun and Wind"  Festival in 1993), which popularized the benefits of renewable energy to an audience of hundreds of thousands. Matthias also directed a campaign to bring solar cooking and electricity technology to rural Africans and was a key facilitator in the early days of solar technology manufacturing in Freiburg. In recent years, he has served as Media and Marketing Consultant to numerous renewable energy related companies, including Pyron Solar, Clearwater Holdings, E-Genesis, FechnerMedia, and Wind-Works.

He is founder of dima-communications, a communications firm specializing in sustainability related campaigns, events, companies, and projects.