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Sponsorship policy: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Sponsorship policy


The Renewables 100 Policy Institute  is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization, the effectiveness of which depends on our trustworthiness and high standard of integrity in the eyes of our peers, policymakers, and the public. We are aware that funding sources can influence, or appear to influence, programs they support, as well as raise questions of conflict of interest. To help avoid these problems, we explicitly lay out our ethics guidelines for sponsorship.

General Guidelines

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute welcomes donations in support of Renewable 100’s efforts, including funds from corporations.

Donations are subject to review by our officers with a view toward ensuring our work remains free from influence by funders and our reputation for independence remains strong. Under no circumstances will donors of any kind be allowed to control or influence, edit, rewrite, or obstruct publications or other Renewables 100 Policy Institute works.

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute policy states unequivocally that the Board and Staff of the Institute will not permit any donor to influence or determine the content of any project or activity undertaken by the Institute. Donors will have no control or decision making power over:

  • the development of our strategic plans or work plans;

  • which projects and activities we undertake, and which issues the Institute researches and analyses;

  • the content of any of our publications in any media;

  • the attendance at, participation in, or agenda of any of our events;

  • our opinions in the public or private spheres;

  • our solicitation of funds from other sources.

Contributions may in no way limit or put unspoken expectations on actions the Renewables 100 Policy Institute may take, research we may publish, or positions we may advocate.


Occasionally, we will accept or solicit work from corporations on a fee-for-service basis where the information obtained is critical to the quality completion of our work. Under such circumstances, we will retain complete control over the analysis and final products, and all data obtained in this manner will be publicly disclosed. Under no circumstances will we accept data from a corporation for the purpose of enhancing the image of the corporation or allow them to unduly sway or contradict the results of our analysis.

Sponsorship Acknowledgement

While the Renewables 100 Policy Institute may acknowledge a corporate donation, we will not sell any corporation’s product or explicitly encourage anyone to buy a corporation’s product. We will maintain strict guidelines for mentioning the activities of any given donor company, limiting such mention only to their specific donation to our organization and/or to their 100% renewable goals and achievements, which is consistent with our mission. Any mention of a company’s renewable energy policies is not equivalent to an endorsement of that company, and we will not permit any messaging to the contrary.

Sponsors may not use the Renewables 100 Policy Institute to collect private or personal data from our supporters, people on our mailing list, or visitors to our website.

Screening Process

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute will neither seek nor accept corporate grants that may create a conflict of interest for our organization, or whose practices directly and intentionally conflict with our goals. When determining whether to accept support from specific corporations, we will review the type of support offered, any products and outcomes expected, and the reputation of the source of support. An ad hoc committee comprised of staff, board, and outside participants may be formed to both review specific cases and to recommend refinements of this policy. We will make every effort to remain updated on changes within corporations that could stand to impact our relationship with them and to make any necessary adjustments.

These guidelines are not comprehensive or exhaustive, are intended solely to provide a general framework, and are subject to revision by the Renewables 100 Policy Institute’s leadership as needed.

Corporate Donations Policies Reviewed in Preparation for this Policy:

  • Pacific Institute and Circle of Blue

  • Breastcancer.org

  • Grist.org

  • ASCD