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Germany ­- California Learning and Collaboration Tour 2014: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Germany - California Learning & Collaboration Tour Video Highlights

In March 2014, the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, in collaboration with several foundations, research institutions, government offices, and others, organized a tour to Germany by top level California grid operators and energy regulators to meet with their German counterparts and discuss common challenges and solutions.

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California Delegates Share Take Aways

California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild, California Public Utilities Commissioner Carla Peterman, and Renewables 100 Policy Institute / California Independent System Operator Governor Angelina Galiteva share thoughts and impressions from the tour.

Duesseldorf - Day 1

Hildegard Mueller
Side meeting of California Delegates with the Chairwoman of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), moderated by Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber

California Keynote Panel - Energy Storage Europe 2014

Excerpts from "The State of Energy Transformation in California - Building a Carbon-Free Future" with leaders of California state energy agencies and moderated by Frauhofer ISE Director Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber.

Part 1: Keynote Introduction 

Part 2: Decentralized v Centralized Renewable Power

Part 3: How will California handle paying for grid services, as people increasingly supply their own power with renewables and storage?

Part 4: How do we incentivize energy efficiency upgrades for buildings?

Part 5:  How is California approaching Time Of Use rates and other demand response incentives? 

Part 6: Q and A

Berlin - Day 1

Wrap Up Session

Dr. Harry Lehmann, General Director, Environmental Planning and Sustainability Strategies at the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) shares his perspective with Delegates on the German energy transition's history and major issues.

Part 1: Introductions and History of German Energy Transition (“Energiewende”)

Part 2: German Renewable Energy, Efficiency, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets

Part 3: Managing Power Supply With the Nuclear Phase Out and Current European Nuclear Outlook

Part 4: Is Germany Overpaying for Renewable Power Development?

Part 5: Breakdown of household costs for German renewable power program

Part 6: German Coal Developments in Context

Part 7: Challenges of Increasing Building Energy Efficiency 

Part 8: How to Integrate Increasing Amounts of Renewable Power