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Publications: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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100% Renewable Energy Roadmap Studies

Our international team of experts has the capacity to deliver comprehensive renewable energy studies that lay out detailed "roadmaps" for how individual regions, states, nations, and corporations can sustainably transition to 100% renewable energy. The studies can cover the electricity, heating and cooling, and transportation sectors and thoroughly analyze technical, economic, and policy considerations.

Sample Studies by Our Collaborators

Renewable Energy Outlook 2030, report to the Energy Watch Group 

(Global Energy Scenario up to 2030 showing that renewables can contribute much more than the figure drawn in the latest scenarios in the IEA's "World Energy Outlook 2006".) 

  • Solar Catalonia, A Pathway to a 100% Renewable Energy System for Catalonia
  • Energy Rich Japan
    Download these studies here.
  • Energy Target 2050: 100% Renewable Electricity Supply - Germany
    Download this study here.

Sample Roadmap Study Proposal

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute and our collaborators have written a proposal to create a roadmap California to achieve 100% renewable energy in the power, heating/cooling, and transportation sectors.  This study would  comprehensively analyze technical, cost, and policy requirements for reaching the 100% renewable energy target in a phased approach.

For more information on 100% renewable energy roadmap studies, please contact us.