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Stephen Davis: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Stephen Davis,

is an entrepreneur with 29 years of experience building organizations in telecommunications, alternative energy and e-commerce.

He founded KnGrid in 2010 with the idea of developing a neutral settlements engine to aggregate and bid distributed energy resources.  KnGrid partnered with RWE in Germany to offer the world's most advanced smart-charging platform for electric vehicles in the United States.    

As Executive Vice President of DirectNet, he pioneered the development of emerging deregulated telecommunications markets in Russia, Europe and Asia Pacific during the 1990′s. In 1999, he developed the wholesale business for Talk.com which became the underlying provider for AOL's long distance service. In 2000, he joined Arbinet (ARBX) as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing and positioned Arbinet as the most successful telecommunications trading exchange in the world. Having begun his career at GTE in 1984, he brings a blend of entrepreneurial and utility perspective to today's markets for electricity. He earned his BA in Economics at UCLA and the University of Lund in Sweden and also holds an MBA from California Lutheran University.