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Stefan Henningsson: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Stefan Henningsson,

Works to co-ordinate climate innovation work for WWF International.
Linking business models and policy changes needed for more climate innovation to take more innovative cleantech companies out on the global market as fast as possible by supporting them and reducing barriers.

Climate change, Energy, Innovation systems, Business innovation, Environmental Management in business, Government regulations on climate and energy, ecodesign, environmentally sound product development, general sustainability

Experience Stefan, Henningson, Senior Advisor Climate Innovation at WWF International Stefan works on WWF's Global Climate and Energy Initiative, where he is responsible for mapping of climate innovation activity levels in key countries as input to national strategies. Projects include Coming Clean - Global Cleantech Innovation Index and the Clean Economy, and Living Planet - Race to the Top of Global Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing. He is also responsible for commissioning in-depth innovation system studies, which has been achieved in 10 countries , as part of the Enabling the transition series. This work focuses on integrating innovation into WWF's work on policy frameworks in key countries and with key business, as part of the Climate Savers 2.0 programme. Communication of the work is done through the Climate Solver portal - www.climatesolver.org. Formerly, Stefan was Climate Change Programme Director for WWF Sweden. Before joining WWF, he was a research assistant at the Environmental Management and Business Research Unit, University of Hertfordshire, an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and Programme Manager at the Swedish Development Agency Nutek, where he was one of twelve commissioners appointed by the Swedish Government to the Council of Sustainable Development.