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Shawn E. Marshall: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Shawn E. Marshall,

 is the founder and executive director of LEAN Energy US, a mission-based organization that supports the expansion and competitive success of clean energy community choice aggregation (CCA) programs. LEAN provides a national hub for resources and expertise and works in partnership with a range of organizations. In 2007, Marshall began serving on the task force that ultimately formed the Marin Energy Authority, a joint powers agency that runs the first CCA in the state of California and the first clean energy CCA in the country.

From 2009 to early 2012, she served on MEA's founding board as the agency's vice chair. She remains active in Marin's CCA expansion efforts. In addition to her work in energy aggregation, Marshall serves on the Mill Valley City Council and was the city's mayor in 2008. Prior to elected life, Shawn worked for a decade in public policy in Washington DC and served in management positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She holds leadership positions on several state and regional policy boards in California. She earned a B.A. from the University of California at Davis and received additional training at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC.