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The Vision of 100% Energy Autonomy - Commemorating Hermann Scheer: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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The Vision of 100% Energy Autonomy - Commemorating Hermann Scheer

Angelina M. Galiteva, Chairperson, World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) and Founder Renewables 100 Policy Institute will be a speaker at a commemoration of Hermann Scheer hosted by the German American Business Association (GABA) Wednesday, Nov 17, 2010 | 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM |in Palo Alto, CA. more info

Some people claim that Hermann Scheer's name was synonymous with solar. He is known as the father of the feed-in tariff policy that helped to turn Germany into the world's largest solar-energy market. For many this move sparked the Germany and global solar industry as companies prepared to enter this market with its stable and straight-forward incentive scheme. Hermann also served as the president of Eurosolar, which he founded in 1988.

Energy Autonomy was the ultimate goal to which Hermann Scheer was aspiring to and which continued to motivate his fight for increasing the share of renewables in Germany and elsewhere in the world. For 200 years industrial civilization has relied on the combustion of abundant and cheap carbon fuels. But continued reliance has lead to perilous consequences. On the one hand, the insecurity of relying on the world's most unstable region--the Middle East--compounded by the imminence of Peak Oil, growing scarcity, and mounting prices.

Yet there is an answer: To make the transition to renewable sources of energy and to distributed, decentralized energy generation. It is a model that has been proven, technologically, commercially and politically, as Scheer comprehensively demonstrates. He shows that the widely advocated return to nuclear power is compromised and illusory.

The energy autonomy route does not just avoid the harm from following business-as-usual, but also offers enormous additional positive benefits. Whole new industries will be created to stimulate the global economy and two billion people, who don't receive electricity now, will have access to it. The advantages are so clear and so overwhelming that resistance to them needs diagnosis, which Scheer also provides, showing why and how entrenched interests oppose the transition and what must be done to overcome these obstacles..

Specific topics in the panel discussion will include:

· Hermann's role in inventing the feed-in tariff for renewable energies
· His Vision of 100% energy autonomy
· A potential path to get there

· Angelina M. Galiteva, Chairperson, World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
. Boris Schubert, COO, Q-Cells North America
· Warren Hogarth, Partner, Sequoia Capital
· David Hochschild, VP External Relations, Solaria
· Dr. Wolfgang Oels, VP Manufacturing, Alion Inc