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Renewables 100, U.S. Department of Commerce and UCLA Host Delegation  (Kopie 1)

On September 27, 2018, Renewables 100 Policy Institute partnered with the U.S. Department of Commerce to bring a delegation of eight Brazilian senior energy experts together with UCLA researchers to tour the university's cutting edge technology projects, exchange knowledge, and discuss collaboration. The Brazilian visitors came from the energy research and development firm LACTEC, the utility COPEL which similar to Los Angeles' power utility distributes electricity to 4.5 million customers, and Itaipu Binational, which is a major large hydro, biogas and solar producer which supplies 15% of Brazil's and 86% of Paraguay's power. The group was hosted by Dr. Mark Gold, UCLA Associate Chancellor of Environment and Sustainability, and Dr. Rajit Gadh, Professor and Director of the UCLA WINMEC & Smart Grid Energy Research Center, who shared the campus' innovative microgrid, solar powered EV chargers, and energy efficiency research projects. After spirited discussion, participants came away with enthusiasm for building on the exchange and forging collaboration to research and implement clean energy solutions.


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