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Renewables 100 Policy Institute Applauds Signing of SB100

Founding Director Diane Moss says: “From passing tax credits for renewables in the 1970s to signing this law today to target 100% renewable and carbon-free electricity, Governor Brown is clearly one of the century’s leading clean energy visionaries, and adopting SB100 is a capping achievement.”
LOS ANGELES — The Renewables 100 Policy Institute applauds Governor Brown for signing SB100 into law and Senator de Léon and his allies for more their diligent effort to secure the bill’s passage. SB100 marks a critical step toward decarbonizing California’s energy sector and achieving the state’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. It is also certainly a crowning achievement that helps cement the legacy of Governor Brown as one of the leading international clean energy and climate protection pioneers of the past half century.
The passage of SB100 culminates years of Renewables 100 Policy Institute’s education and collaboration with these leaders about the imperative of setting 100% renewable and carbon neutral energy targets, not only for the good of California by sending a strong and clear signal about the state’s plans to end its dependence on fossil fuels for electricity, but also as an example for the nation and the world, which look to California for direction. The surge of momentum in recent years toward this end, that was propelled by a broad range of stakeholders from corporations to numerous environmental non-profits to former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, demonstrates that going a 100% renewable is now widely recognized as a necessity.

SB100 is a logical next step to build on other landmark efforts, such as SB350 and the Under2MOU, which the Renewables 100 Policy Institute initiated in 2014 with Governor Brown and the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and which catalyzed a subnational movement that reverberated through the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and beyond.
With the adoption of SB100, California will now become the largest, most populous, and most prosperous region in the world to mandate 100% carbon free electricity.  While nations such as Denmark, Scotland, and Iceland have similar mandates, and Hawaii, along with several states in European countries and Australia have provisions requiring 100% renewable power, California as the world’s 5th largest economy, will take the momentum to decarbonize the electricity sector to a whole new level.
There will certainly be major challenges in realizing the targets set by SB100, but there will also be enormous opportunities for innovation, jobs, new industries, and environmental protection. Fearlessly taking on challenges while smartly seizing opportunities has been a key to California’s success, and by making SB100 the law of the land, California’s leadership is carrying on this tradition – and in so doing, helping to bring light at a very dangerous moment in the fight to combat climate change.

Our team kicking off Under2MOU in July 2014 with Governor Brown and German leaders Harry Lehmann, Director of German Federal Environment Agency, and Eicke Weber, Director of Fraunhofer ISE

With Senator de Léon after he shared the imperative of SB100 at the Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy conference.