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Renewables 100 Policy Institute and Friends Welcome German Federal Environment Director to California: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Renewables 100 Policy Institute and Friends Welcome German Federal Environment Director to California

Renewables 100 Policy Institute welcomed German Federal Environment Agency Director Dr. Harry Lehmann this week on his first visit to California. Dr. Lehmann, who oversees national environmental and energy policy design and implementation in Germany, is partnering with Renewables 100 Policy Institute on an educational initiative to help California accelerate its renewable energy program.

The Institute brought him to town to attend and speak at a two-day private conference hosted by Governor Jerry Brown at UCLA that focused on how to advance local renewable energy resources. Germany is the recognized world leader on this subject, and Dr. Lehmann was warmly received. Also leading a panel at the conference was Ms. Moss' fellow founder of Renewables 100 Policy Institute and California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) Board member Angelina Galiteva.

An intimate gathering for Dr. Lehmann was given Sunday at the Malibu home of Carol Moss, a longtime local environmental advocate. The distinguished German leader was greeted by Larry Hagman, who despite his iconic role as oil magnate J.R. Ewing of Dallas fame, has been a renewable energy champion for decades.

“Larry is a pioneer who put solar on his roof when it was not yet in fashion and cost vastly more than today,” said Diane Moss. “If California would enact the German type of feed-in tariff laws, which Dr. Lehmann was key to creating, Larry would get paid for the energy he puts into the grid, just like coal or nuclear plants do. And middle class folks and farmers could also better afford to do the right thing, as they do by the hundreds of thousands where strong feed in tariff laws are in place.”

Other friends who joined us in welcoming Dr. Lehmann included Who Killed the Electric Car director Chris Paine, former Los Angeles Department of Water and Power General Manager and Clinton Climate Initiative Senior Advisor David Nahai, former Secretary of Education and Senior Advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger Bonnie Reiss, Malibu City Councilwoman Pamela Conley Ulich, Fairway Management CEO Ryan Comerford, organic farming expert Anna Jelks, Wasabi Energy Ltd. Executive Director Malcolm Jacques, and Bourne Energy wave power entrepreneur Chris Catlin.

More about Dr. Lehmann's current professional responsibilities can be read here: http://www.umweltbundesamt.de/uba-info-e/e-fach1.htm

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