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Renewables 100 Founder Joins Filmmakers for "Future of Energy" Screening at UCSB: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Renewables 100 Founder Joins Filmmakers for "Future of Energy" Screening at UCSB

Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founding Director Diane Moss was honored to join the filmmakers of the "Future of Energy" for a question and answer session following a screening of the documentary on April 21 at UC Santa Barbara.

Students and community members started off the session by sharing relief and gratitude to see a film that, for a change, focuses on solutions to our energy and climate challenges, rather than on gloom and doom. 

Next came a question about latest developments from around the world in the transition to 100% renewable energy.

The film's Writer and Producer Maximillian DeArmon directed the audience to visit www.go100percent.org, a website created by the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, that is the first to map, track, and report on 100% renewable energy projects all over the world, as well as maintain a learning library of studies, book tips, and original video interviews with international experts.

There are plenty of ways to apply the examples on the website close to home, added Diane Moss. "The University of California has a goal to be carbon neutral by 2025," she said, "so right here on your campus is an opportunity to get involved and learn hands on about how to implement 100% renewable energy solutions."

Other ideas suggested by the panel included supporting California's proposed bill to adopt Governor Brown's "50-50-50" 2030 goals - that is a 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard requiring utilities to buy 50% of the power they sell from renewable sources, increasing building efficiency by 50%, and reducing the state's petroleum use by 50%.

In addition to Maximillian DeArmon, the panel included three other members of the "Future of Energy" production team: Director and Editor Brett Mazurek, Producer and Writer Missy Lahren, and Associate Producer Aline Kras. 

The team admitted that when they first started the film project in 2013, they weren't sure whether 100% renewable energy was possible, even if it seemed like an important concept in the face of our climate and energy crises. However, after attending the Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy conference in April 2013 and speaking in depth to several of the expert speakers, as well as to the organizers at the Renewables 100 Policy Institute and others involved in the clean energy revolution, they came to realize that not only is 100% renewable energy technically and economically possible, but the transition is already happening all over the world.

This exciting discovery became the basis for the "The Future of Energy." They hope that excitement will be infectious to viewers of the film and inspire local action. Judging from the audience response at the dozens of screenings around the world so far, they are on the right track.

For a schedule of screenings or to learn how to host one, please visit: www.thefutureofenergy.org

The panel included Maximillian DeArmon, Producer and Writer Missy Lahren, Director and Editor Brett Mazurek, Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founding Director Diane Moss and Associate Producer Aline Kras.