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Renewables 100 Founder Invited by US State Department to Meet With Energy Leaders in Brazil

Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founder and Board Chair, Angelina Galiteva, traveled last week (Nov. 14-21 2015) to Brazil at the invitation of the US State Department to meet with Brazilian government representatives, national energy agencies, power sector regulators, energy industry experts, research and academic institutions  and renewable energy project developers to discuss opportunities  to diversify the country's renewable electricity portfolio and integrate variable resources such as wind and solar into the grid. 

She was honored to meet with, among others, high level representatives from national regulator ANEEL, the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Ministry of Environment, the Confederation of National Industry Energy Committee, Recife's Secretariat of Environment and Energy, and Pernambuco state energy leaders. Ms. Galiteva delivered several presentations, for example, at the Institute for Applied Economic Research, the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Brasilia, and the Federal University.

During her visit, there was ample opportunity to share insights on how to develop wind and solar energy in Brazil, as well as how to implement innovative measures that help promote use of these resources, such as smart grid technology, storage, electric vehicles and progressive regulatory frameworks. While Brazil's renewable power development has historically been weighted toward hydropower, the nation is rich in other renewable resources like solar and wind and is seeking to diversify its renewable electricity portfolio as part of the national commitment to fighting climate change and strengthening its energy resilience, independence and long term reliability.

"I was impressed with the progress already being made in Brazil, especially on wind energy development. Brazil is 80% dependent on hydro power which can balance greater amounts of variable wind and solar generation.  Future energy growth could be met with a combination of efficiency, demand response programs and solar and wind power balanced with existing hydro resources.  Continuing to exchange knowledge and build collaboration with renewable electricity and high-tech frontrunners like the US and particularly California can accelerate success for all involved."


Press in Portugese:

Brasil é visto como modelo em energia renovável


Video interview:
Angelina Galiteva Interviewed by U.S. Embassy Brazilia, Brazil 

Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founding Board Chair, Angelina Galiteva with State Department Liaison Aaron Steers-Smith and Embassy Diplomat Nathaniel Turner at Cathedral in Brasilia