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Our Founder Angelina Galiteva at ASPO Peak Oil Conference, Washington, DC Nov 2-5: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Our Founder Angelina Galiteva at ASPO Peak Oil Conference, Washington, DC Nov 2-5

Angelina Galiteva joined an international group of experts to speak about global energy challenges and solutions at this year's ASPO Peak Oil, Energy and the Economy Conference in Washington, DC. "Fossil resources are finite," said Galiteva," and as we become increasingly aware of this fact, it is all the more imperative to focus on developing and scaling fossil-free, inflation proof, clean fuels and technologies based on renewable resources, along with advanced storage solutions."

Galiteva stressed that such developments are not only urgent, but possible and indeed, already a quickly evolving reality. She pointed to several communities and regions around the world that have already achieved or are targeting 100% renewable energy in at least one energy sector. Details about these projects can be found on the Renewables 100 Policy Institute web project go100percent.org

Those that are first to hit the market with robust sustainable energy industries backed by strong policies, Galiteva emphasized, are economically in the best position to profit. Currently nations like Germany and China are out-competing the U.S., but she said that there is strong support and hunger in the U.S. population for the necessary actions to get the U.S. back into a leadership position. 

Underscoring this point, Galiteva's presentation came a couple days before approximately 12,000 people surrounded the White House in opposition to the proposed Transcanada Keystone XL pipeline that, if approved by the Obama Administration, would transport heavily polluting tar sands oil from Canada to Texas. The protesters demanded that the President reject the project and focus instead on supporting sustainable renewable energy and efficiency development.