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Keynote at CanSIA: 100% Renewable Electricity Transition for Canada: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Keynote at CanSIA: 100% Renewable Electricity Transition for Canada

On May 29, 2013, Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founding Board Chair Angelina Galiteva participated in CanSIA's annual solar conference for renewable energy leaders in Ontario, Canada.  She delivered the keynote address at the Utilities and Solar Session, where her focus was the Role of Solar PV Distributed Generation in the Future of the Electricity Systems. Her talk emphasized the need to recognize the growing momentum to integrate more renewable generation into the grid worldwide and that all stakeholders must work together to achieve that objective in the most efficient and reliable manner.  Transitioning to a 100% renewable energy electric system in the next few decades was the objective outlined by Ms. Galiteva and discussed by the other panelists from the Canadian utility companies, regulatory agencies and grid operator.  All agreed that a growing percentage of renewables and ultimately a 100% renewable energy system was possible and that the focus should be on proactive planning, new market rules encouraging preferred products, and a favorable regulatory environment  to accelerate innovation. 

"It is an exciting time in the lives of energy operators," said Ms. Galiteva, "and we are all looking forward to participating in the new reality oriented towards a major expedited shift to renewable resources."