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Interview with Renewables 100 Policy Institute: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Interview with Renewables 100 Policy Institute

An immediate transition to 100% environmentally sound renewable energies and fuels is necessary, as these in combination are the energy technologies that are clean and sustainable enough to carry civilization into the future, as well as flexible enough to be technically implemented relatively quickly, via Renewables 100. In this week's interview, we introduce you with change agents who are working to help people shift towards a 100 percent renewable energy and sustainable lifestyle.

Link: As They Say: Interview With Renewables 100


More about Varanasi Estate:

Beaufort, Victoria, Australia's Varanasi Estate was founded in April 2010 with a unique vision. The company is dedicated to social responsibility and improvement initiatives. Their areas of focus begin at grass roots, localised projects focussing on sustainability, permaculture, fair trade, free and open media and education.