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Implementing Governor Brown's Clean Energy Jobs Plan

Renewables 100 Founder To Be Intersolar 2011 Panelist on Implementing Governor Brown's Clean Energy Jobs Plan | July 12, 2011 San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO--Candidate Jerry Brown published a Clean Energy Jobs Plan, which
included a goal of building 12,000 megawatts of localized renewable energy generation. Now, Governor Brown's staff, state and local agencies, and the renewable energy industry are working together on a plan for achieving this ambitious goal. Plan elements will include existing renewable energy policies and programs, but new renewable energy and economic development policies will be needed to attract significant private investment. Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founder Angelina Galiteva will be on a panel to discuss feed-in tariff policy, on which she is a leading expert worldwide and which Governor Brown is committed to making a cornerstone of his plan. [Read More]