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Dr. Hermann Scheer book release "Energy Autonomy" in Malibu: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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Dr. Hermann Scheer book release "Energy Autonomy" in Malibu

Renewables 100 Policy Institute was born out of this gathering for German Parliamentarian Hermann Scheer in honor of his recently released book, Energy Autonomy. A tireless champion for sustainability, Dr. Scheer was Time's Hero of the Green Century, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, and architect of the world's most successful renewable energy policies. Many accomplished leaders were introduced that day to Dr. Scheer's pioneering ideas on energy policy, including his mandate for a worldwide, rapid shift to 100% renewable energy and the feed-in tariff policy he crafted, which has been the cornerstone of the world's most robust advancement of sustainable energies. The intimate impressive audience at the home of Carol Moss in Malibu included former NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin, World Council of Renewable Energy Chair Angelina Galiteva, environmental philanthropist and Earthways founder Andrew Beath, environmental activist Kelly Meyer, Tangerine Dream's Peter Baumann, Bourne Energy CEO Chris Catlin, and Sierra Club's Marcia Hanscom and Darell Clarke, Los Angeles Business Council President Mary Leslie. The event organizers - Diane Moss and Matthias Bank of dima-media - immediately joined forces with Angelina Galiteva, who like Matthias, was a long time strong ally of Dr. Scheer.  Inspired by counsel from Scheer, the three got to work on creating Renewables 100 Policy Institute with moral and logistical support from many, most notably Mary Khoukab Cohen. Please see the photo gallery for images of that powerful afternoon.

Daniel S. Goldin, former NASA Administrator | Carl A. Fechner | Dr. Hermann Scheer