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California's Green Future - The View From Key Policy Leaders: Renewables 100 Policy Institute
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California's Green Future - The View From Key Policy Leaders

Palo Alto, March 6, 2012

Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founding Board Member Angelina Galiteva will participate with top energy leaders in the California's Green Energy panel hosted by Alston & Bird, LLP about how California is leading the way, and where the state is headed on renewable energy, green chemistry, carbon reduction, and distributed generation. Joining her will be Susan Kennedy (Alston & Bird, LLP; former Chief of Staff to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger), James Goldstene (California Air Resources Board), and Maureen Gorsen (Alston & Bird, LLP). Welcoming remarks will be made by Sean DeBruine (Partner - Intellectual Property Litigation Group, Alston & Bird, LLP), and the panel will be moderated by Ward Benshoof (Partner - Environmental and Land Development Group, Alston & Bird, LLP).


Topics of discussion will include:

How are California and Silicon Valley leading the way?

What does the future hold and how do we marry up renewable and energy reliability?

How does Green Chemistry fit into the picture?

Where are the Clean Tech jobs going to come from?

Will renewable energy deliver on its potential and when?

Are we headed for a renewable energy bubble burst?

Are we learning the right lessons from Solyndra?

How will AB32 (California's Global Warming Solutions Act) affect California's business climate?  


For more information, please email info@renewables100.org

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