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California Energy Storage Alliance Annual Market Development Conference

Angelina Galiteva at California Energy Storage Alliance Annual Market Development Conference: No one silver bullet for an all renewable energy future supply

Berkeley, CA - On January 14, 2014, Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founder Angelina Galiteva moderated a panel at the CESA Annual Market Development Conference on "Realizing Governor Brown's Reliability Plan: Developing a Cleaner Alternative to OTC (Once Through Cooling) and SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station retirement." Panelists were:

Cliff Rechtschaffen, Senior Policy Adviser to Governor Brown

Carl Silsbee, Principal Manager Regulatory Compliance & Economic Analysis, SCE

Chris Orzel, Invenergy

RJ Johnson, Director of Business Development NextEra

Fred Fletcher, Assistant General Manager Power Supply, Burbank Water and Power


The panel explored how the power previously supplied by the now shut down San Onofre nuclear facility and the soon to be phased out, environmentally hazardous OTC plants could be replaced by efficiency, renewable energy, and storage, rather than by simply building new natural gas plants. Galiteva pointed out that there is no one silver bullet for success. She asserted, "For us to have an energy system supported by increasing amounts of renewable energy, including up to 100% of demand supplied by renewables, we need to incorporate storage solutions, along with energy efficiency and smart grid technologies."