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World Climate Leaders Back Global Target of 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

CEO Angelina Galiteva attended the B4E Climate Summit 2010 in Mexico City held on October 4-6 2010, where she was the Coordinator for the Energy and Utilities Working Group charged with structuring a call for action and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the sector. Under her leadership, the Energy and Utilities Working Group, which consisted of over 100 leading international representatives from the sector, initiated a call for a 100% renewable energy target as key to remediating the climate problem. Event organizers such as the UN Global Compact and UNDP along with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also supported and highlighted the ambitious target for 100% RE by 2050. The 100% goal will be forwarded as a recommendation to the World Climate Summit in Cancun in December. http://www.wclimate.com/World_Climate_Summit/HOME.htm