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Advocating for 100% Renewable Energy at Green Solutions 2011 In Mexico City

On November 23, 2011, Renewables 100 Policy Institute Founder Angelina Galiteva spoke on a Plenary Panel organized by B4E  at this year's Green Solutions conference in Mexico City. The panel, titled "Driving Innovations For Green Growth," helped kick off the three-day conference and international clean tech trade show.

"It is very encouraging to see the intense and growing interest in renewable energy," said Galiteva about the event, "and particularly the overwhelming acceptance that a 100% renewable energy future is not only possible, but indeed desirable.  A 100% renewable energy goal empowers a community to think smart, grow green, make long term investments in infrastructure, education and the economy.  It is the best way to ensure not only a better environment for our children, but a more livable and prosperous society for future generations on a global scale."