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Board of Advisors

Professor Eicke R. Weber

is the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and professor of physics/solar energy at the Department of Mathematics and Physics and the Department of Engineering respectively at the University of Freiburg, Germany. Fraunhofer ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe and is renowned worldwide for its research in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As researcher in the field of material science, Prof. Weber analyzed lattice defects in silicon and III-V semiconductors. In recent years, he is especially interested in producing high-quality solar cells from upgraded metallurgical silicon, or umg-Si, without the use of chlorine-based chemicals.

In 1976, Prof. Weber received his doctorate in physics from the University of Cologne, Germany. After research positions in North America and Sweden, he received his habilitation from the University of Cologne in 1983. In the same year, he took a position as professor at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In 2004, he was named Chairman of the interdisciplinary Nanoscale Science and Engineering Graduate Group. During his time at UC Berkeley, he spent a sabbatical semester as visiting professor at the Tokohu University in Sendai as well as at the Kyoto University in Japan.

Prof. Weber was elected Founding President of the Berkeley Chapter of the Alexander von Humboldt Association of America (AvHAA) and acted from 2001-2003 as president. In 1994 he received the Alexander von Humboldt Prize and in 2006 the Award of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande) of the German President. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and Founding President of both the German Scholars Organization (GSO) and the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), Berlin.

In July 2008, Weber was appointed Director of the SEMI International Board of Directors. The Electrochemical Society ECS, San Francisco honored Weber with the Electronics and Photonics Division Award in June 2009. In October 2009, he was elected Honorary Member of the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. Since April 2010, Prof. Weber is a member of acatech – the German Academy of Science and Engineering, Berlin.

He was appointed Managing Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy at the University of Freiburg in May 2013. In June 2013, Prof. Weber was honored with the SolarWorld Einstein Award. In January 2014, he received the Zayed Future Energy Prize, endowed with 1.5 million US dollars, from the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi on behalf of Fraunhofer ISE.